About DB&S Steel


DB&S Steel is all about performance to our customers. We are dedicated to serving metal distributors critical to a broad range of manufacturers who use precision ground steel. We demonstrate this dedication by delivering in three core ways every day:

  • Expertise/Artistry
  • Quick Delivery
  • Customer Service

First and foremost, we are experts at grinding tool steels to the most precise and exacting tolerances. For over 45 years DB&S Steel has made its name by providing superior quality precision ground flat stock. We use the highest quality steel available in 8 tool steel grades. And most important, our employees have developed and honed the art of precision grinding. They produce both standard stock orders and special orders with exacting measurements and quality.

Second, we deliver our product quickly. Once we receive an order we ship the items the same day from our extensive standard stock inventory or we produce the items as quickly as possible. For special production orders, we ship over 90% in 5 days or less.

Third, we provide the highest level of customer service in the precision ground flat stock market. From the moment a customer submits a request for a quote or an order, our entire team is available to provide support and answer questions. In situations where there are issues or problems we reach out and communicate with the customer. We provide pro-active, positive support that demonstrates the high regard and respect we have for our customers.

Robert Garland and David Herring acquired DB&S Steel at the beginning of 2017. They are committed to the highest standards of performance in terms of expert production, quick delivery, and customer service.

The entire DB&S Steel team looks forward to serving you and meeting all of your precision ground flat stock needs. That is what we are about.

About Our Team


Sabrina Campbell

Sabrina Campbell is a customer service and sales representative born and raised in the Beaver County area. She has been with D.B. & S. for 13-1/2 years and has a very strong customer service background. She previously worked in the mortgage/title industry.

Sabrina earned her associate’s degree in Communications Systems Management and her bachelor’s degree in Business.

In her free time she enjoys hunting, fishing, camping and hiking. You might say she loves the outdoors.

Sabrina is married to her high school sweetheart and has a “four-legged” kid. A cat named Friday.


Chelsie Harris

Chelsie Harris is a customer service and sales representative born and raised in West Virginia but has been in the Beaver County area for the past 3 years living with her boyfriend. She is new to D.B. & S. but has a very strong customer service background. She previously worked in the mortgage/ title industry.

Chelsie earned her bachelor’s degree in Science and Business Administration from Southern New Hampshire University.

In her free time she enjoys spending time with family and friends, being outdoors, adventuring, taking trips and trying new things.